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Motor Home
A Motor Home is a motorized RV that contains many of the conveniences of home.  It gives you both a mode of transportation and living quarters. There are three categories of motor homes and each are described below:

Class A Motor Home
The Class A Motor Home is built on a specially designed motor vehicle chassis with the cab completely enclosed by the outer structure. These RV's are typically built for luxury and come with most of the amenities you would find in your own home. They are typicall designed to sleep up to six adults.

Class B Motor Home
The Class B Motor Home looks a lot like a van.  That's because it's a conversion van that manufacturers add a variety of standard and optional conveniences to such as kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping accommodations. Many have a top extension added to them for additional storage. Class B's are understandably the easiest motor homes to drive and park because of their more compact design than the other two. They may sleep from 2 to 4 adults.

Class C Motor Home
The Class C Motor Home is built on an automotive manufactured van frame with an attached cab section.  So the cab frame is exposed rather than enclosed like a Class A Motor Home. This mini-motor home offers many of the features of a Class A but in a less expensive version.  These can sleep betweet 4 to 8 adults depending on the model.

Park Model
A Park Model is a unit built on a single chassis and then mounted to wheels.  It is a little less mobile than a travel trailer and designed for more long-term camping. It usually includes greater living space through the use of tip-outs or slide-outs.

Pop-up campers
The folding camping trailer is an RV that is mounted on wheels and has collapsible sidewalls that allows the unit to be stored in a more compact space.  It's size makes it a relatively easy unit to tow and maneuver.  This unit can sleep up to 8 depending on size and combines the experience of a camping tent with the advantages of other RV's.

Recreational Vehicle (RV)
A motorized or towable vehicle that combines transportation and living quarters for travel, recreation, camping or living.