Used RV Terminology and Definitions - A to F

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An awning is a retractable weather shade that is attached to an RV.  They come in sizes ranging from the width of a small window up to nearly the entire length of any full-sized RV.

This is a term that can refer to any towable or motorized RV.  It is sometimes mistakenly used to reference a travel trailer only.

Fifth Wheel
The fifth wheel is built with the forward section raised up leaving space below the front section to connect to a special hitch on a pick-up truck. This creates a bi-level floor plan inside the unit typically raising up the master bedroom. They are easily detached once the Trailer is parked to give you free use of your towing vehicle. These can be equipped with many of the conveniences of home and will sleep between 2 to 8 adults depending on the size of the unit.

Folding Camping Trailer
The folding camping trailer is an RV that is mounted on wheels and has collapsible sidewalls that allows the unit to be stored in a more compact space.  It's size makes it a relatively easy unit to tow and maneuver.  This unit can sleep up to 8 depending on size and combines the experience of a camping tent with the advantages of other RV's.